If you are looking for something that will perfectly match the wine, the answer will probably be cheese.



A great match of cheese and Istrian wine




Pair a premium wine with cheese is not always an easy thing to do, but it is definitely worth every attempt and effort.


If you are looking for something that will perfectly match the wine, the answer will probably be cheese. Also if you are looking for a drop that will pour an excellent cheese, the answer will certainly be wine. Both, so tastefully separately, but when they join together, we can say how to achieve a special blend of flavors and fragrances. Whether  black or white wine, dry or something sweeter, almost every bottle has its own pair of cheese.


The perfect match of cheese and wine


Although the idea of cheese as the best-quality wine company has been known long ago, only recently been scientifically explained why the two are so perfect combination. The cheese is rich in fat, which in our mouths produce a sensation of smoothness on the other hand compounds in wine, such as tannin provide a completely opposite feeling of dryness.


Put simply, slowly sipping wine during consumption of cheese or other fatty meals returns things back into balance, and the environment is somehow always the right measure for everything. It is interesting that wine with every next sip provides an even stronger resistance to fat in cheese, which explains why we do not drink up a whole glass of wine before a meal but we enjoy it slowly with every bite.


Also, alcohol stimulates in us craving for fatty food which is another advantage when matching the two pleasures.It is ideal combination if you want to relax with friends and a glass of good wine.




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