Fish and seafood is a rather important part of the Croatian culinary world, particularly along the coast!




This country has an extraordinary cuisine: authentic, honest and super fresh!




























Whatever seafood you are ordering, it most likely just came out of the water. It’s amazing!


Traditional Croatian food have some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food. Yet, Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation and taste.


In its position overlooking the Adriatic ocean, it’s no surprise that Istria’s culinary culture emphasis marine fare of all kinds. Days in Istria will likely be spent eating and drinking just about everything you come across, as a combination of fantastic hospitality and an inspirational food culture create an experience like no other.


While Istrian cuisine reminds in many ways of Dalmatian cuisine, Istria has some of its own typical dishes, and cooking techniques!


When you are in Istria you must try some of the fish dishes and seafood. Take your chance to eat fresh and delicious fish. The quality and freshness of Istrian seafood is top-notch.


If you  want to experience the freshest Istrian seafood, visit our restaurant Damir & Ornella!



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