The consumption of fish three times per week has a positive impact on sleep in general and also on daily functioning!








Sleep disorders have become incredibly common worldwide.





























There are many different reasons for this (such as increased exposure to blue light), but some researchers believe that vitamin D deficiency can also play a role.


Fish is widely touted as one of our planet’s healthiest foods. And one of the benefits of eating more fish is a better night’s sleep.


In addition to being high in magnesium and calcium, it’s also one of the few sources of vitamin D.


Vitamin D has been getting a lot of notoriety in recent years. It’s been linked to heart disease, mental health and even cancer.


The researchers commented that fatty fish is the major dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, nutrients that have been suggested to play potential roles for prevention of sleep problems.


Earlier studies indicated that regular fish consumption seems to be associated with better cognitive control (related to HRV) in adults and improved sleep quality in children, potentially linked to less learning problems.


In addition, recent studies have reported about a possible relationship between optimal blood levels of vitamin D (60-80ng/ml) and better sleep quality as well as less sleep disturbances and sleepiness during the day.



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