Flavors of the Adriatic Sea, methods of Japan and skills of experienced chefs – only in D&O restaurant


Thousands of miles away from Japan, in the small Croatian city of Novigrad, Damir and Ornella, proud owners as well as the chefs of the same-called restaurant will make you a traditional Japanese sashimi.




























Local guests have already embraced this unusual and simple, but also tasty meal, as Istrian sashimi.


If you haven't had a chance to try this amazing specialty, then it's time to taste Istrian version of traditional Japanese way of preparing fresh fish. Recipe for classic sashimi is quite simple and includes raw fish, just a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper, but recipe for the best sashimi requires special filleting skills in order to turn raw fish into delightful slices of pure pleasure. That is exactly the experience you will get at restaurant Damir&Ornella while enjoying the perfect flavors of sashimi specialties prepared only from the best fish caught in the Adriatic Sea.


Fresh fish, without exception, is the only good base for a good sashimi. D&O restaurant gets their fish directly from the local fishermen, every day, to provide their guests with the purity of fresh sashimi flavor. Depending on the daily catch you can find sea bass, sole, scorpionfish and many other fish varieties which are then turned into, by contents simple and by taste complex, sashimi specialties.


Visit restaurant Damir&Ornella in Novigrad and enjoy unique sashimi creations which will certainly make your fish come true!



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