In restaurant Damir & Ornella we know how to hunt for fresh seafood for customers!











There are some tips how to choose fresh seafood.




























A fresh fish should shine -- literally and figuratively. If it still has scales, they should be bright and metallic-looking, never dull. The scales should be tightly layered, like chainmail.


Fish should be firm and almost rubbery; if the flesh feels soft or squishy it is past its peak. If pressed lightly, the flesh should spring back and never leave an indentation. Use this as an opportunity to feel the fish's skin and make sure it's neither brittle nor falling apart.


Ask your fishmonger to show you the gills. They should be a vibrant, cherry red -- never brown.


We've used touch and sight to determine if your fish is fresh; now let's move on to smell. Take a good whiff -- that's right, don't be afraid to really get your nose in there. Saltwater fish should smell like the sea; freshwater fish should smell like a pond.


When it comes to fillets, common sense rules. The flesh should look moist and fresh. The fillets should lie flat, without any curling edges. As with the whole fish, you should ask to touch the fish to make sure it's firm, not soft and mushy.

After taking your fish home from the store, be sure to use it within two days. Because once you've gotten your hands on a fresh fish, you've got to make the most of it.


When hunting for a fresh fish, you must focus and observe!









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