Fish is the best food for your brain health!





From sea to table is a philosophy of restaurant D&O with a next meaning of fresh , high-quality, raw  health meals directly to our visitors.


This culinary vision is very famous not only around real gourmet. For healthy lifestyle many people prefer their advantage. The first of them is that quality of raw food is at the top. The second is to save your health at the top for as possible as long time.


Other benefits are so various and we have grouped them for easy perception:


1. very tasty;


2. keep total health;


3. keep fit and reduce weight;


4. clearing up your skin;


5. preventing nutrient deficiencies;


6. improving digestion;


7. improving heart health.


Concept “From sea to food” has goals not to eat more raw foods or to become totally a “raw vegan”. The main goal to achieve plenty of nutrients in easy way for our body.


What is interesting, with high quality and freshness, authentic cuisine of the vision from sea to table; restaurant D&O present you process of preparation and presentation of filleting.


It looks so delicious, visit us and you will see by your own eyes!


Choose healthy, tasty, gourmet philosophy ‘’from sea to table’’ not only of culinary but of your lifestyle with restaurant Damir & Ornella!



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