Renowned chefs pair the olive oils to the food that they are preparing in order to get new sensations to match their creations!








Olive oil is a super ingredient with the ability to enhance the flavors of a dish while also adding antioxidants and heart-healthy benefits.





























For thousands of years, olive oil has been a versatile ingredient used for everything from sautéing and baking to a drizzle for soups and salads. Seafood is not an exception.


Like anything else, different types of olive oil complement different types of food. It is finding these combinations that make the culinary adventure all the more exhilarating!


In general, robust olive oils are best used for cooking meat & seafood, in a marinade, or as a drizzle over bold flavors like peppers or garlic.


No matter what its application, the delicious flavor of fresh olive oil will add a new dimension to your favorite meal. Extra virgin olive oil really enhances the flavors in your dish, while also adding body and depth.


Extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful part of a marinade for either meat or seafood. Visit our restaurant and experience this perfect match!



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