Raw fish and spring







There are plenty of reasons why raw fish is perfect to eat during spring. For example, the nature is waking up after a couple of months spent in so-called state of hibernation, so as our bodies.



























As the Sun spends more and more time on the sky, so as our organism craves for different type of food. During the winter we all consume “stronger” types of food which can provide us enough of heat and energy in cold days. And after all that “surviving” mode of living, comes time for relaxation and regeneration of everything around us, and ourselves as well. One is sure –hunger does not know seasons, but we do. And you know where the best food waits to be served!


If you are a wine lover, that’s the bonus. Istria is a very popular wine country. The most popular wine here is a fresh and fruity white wine Istrian Malvasia, followed by strong and astringent, but smooth red wine Teran.  Istria has a long tradition of viticulture, and the wine has always been an important part of everyday life. And guess what – it is perfect match with raw food.


In our restaurant we will always recommend you best matches, create menu based on your needs and wishes, and make you feel fresh, eat fresh and enjoy. This spring, don`t miss the opportunity to visit Istria, feel spring in it`s best and watch after your health – so as we do.





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