Raw fish with olive oil , herbs and spices








Raw seafood presents a lighter, nutritionally sound way to eat, one that is rich in brain-boosting, heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids and lower in mercury when harvested sustainably.





























A variety of raw fish dishes exist, and it’s the diversity of ingredients, sauces and flavors used during preparation that make each of them uniquely delicious.


Extra-virgin olive oil can be used to prepare a whole range of different vinaigrettes. The classic combination of olive oil and wine vinegar (a powerful detoxifier and antioxidant) has inspired many tasty dressings by adding all kinds of different spices and honey, among others.


And combination of raw fish and olive oil is the best thing u can try. The only way to eat raw fish and seafood is to use olive oil with it . Olive oil has a bitter taste, great flavor and serves as a perfect ingredient for the best dishes. It is the most valuable fat in the human diet, and provides body care products, and medication for various ailments, which is why, according to many, it is an elixir of life, liquid gold


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