Scallops – little piece of heaven





People have been enjoying scallops as a food ever since this beautiful mollusk appeared in the Earth's waters,

basically since time immemorial.



























The soft fleshy texture and delicately mild sweet flavor of scallops are enjoyed by even those who are not particularly fond of fish or other shellfish. What do scallops taste like? Scallops are a unique little shellfish with a very signature flavor. The deliciousness and tenderness of a scallop is based on the way it's cooked and what it's paired with. Using simple, high quality recipes, scallops can become delicious delicacies for boosting the yum-factor on any dining occasion.


Here at restaurant Damir&Ornella we are inspired with a special culinary “from sea to table” vision that provides our guests with the best flavors and aromas of fresh fish specialties. Raw material of high quality, simple and authentic cuisine is what the philosophy of our restaurant is built on. The enhanced quality of raw scallops with the preparation and presentation to our customers is what distinguishes our restaurant and makes us unique.


Most people know that fish is good for you, but what about other seafood? As it turns out, scallops, in addition to their delectable taste, contain a variety of nutrients that can promote your cardiovascular health, plus provide protection against colon cancer


So, do you want to feel great and improve your health in many ways? Eat scallops.


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