Seafood is an important part of a healthful diet. Seafood contains high-quality protein and other essential nutrients, is often low in saturated fat, and contains omega-3 fatty acids.











Have you ever thought about adding seafood to your list of beauty products?





























Completely serious. Most of us know about the benefits of seafood for the health of the cardiovascular system, for memory, and sight. But how many people, in fact, looking at their hair, thought that they should eat more shrimp? Or they say: "I must eat fish - my skin is dry".


Seafood is rich in keratin which produces protein and makes hair stronger. If the hair does not get enough protein, it becomes brittle and dull.


Fish, such as tuna, salmon or mackerel, contain a lot of omega-3 fats that restore the lipid balance in the skin. These omega-3 fatty acids also help in the fight against psoriasis. Omega-3 fats are not produced in our body, so you should get them only from food.


And the best source of them is mostly fish.


Selenium also found in fish is sometimes referred to as an antioxidant, a mineral against aging, because it eliminates toxins from the skin.


When eating about six oysters a day you get a five-day norm of zinc. Zinc helps build protein and this makes it another important nutrient for strong hair.


You do not like oysters? No problems. There are many delicious seafood dishes just for you. They will successfully deliver this important mineral to your body. These are lobsters and crabs, they have good zinc content, so does shrimp.


Shrimps also contain carotenoids, which can protect the skin from premature aging. A red copper content in shrimps prevents hair loss, contributing to its thickness, and also enhance the hair color, which is very important, isn`t it?


Are you ready for your new beauty regime? Add fish, shrimps, mussels or oysters to your weekly diet to have wonderful, healthy hair, shiny and radiant skin.



















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