On your culinary discovery through Istria, your palate will be met by the best seafood in the world!





Seafood tourism in Istria



With the best olive oils and fresh seafood specialities or with a glass of any of the well-known local wines you'll find exactly what you are looking for in Istrian cuisine!




























Croatia may be a country you know little about, but it’s one that truly ticks all the boxes, and Istria is a region bursting with gastronomy, beauty and heritage.


Days in Istria will likely be spent eating and drinking just about everything you come across, as a combination of fantastic hospitality and an inspirational food culture create an experience like no other. Tasting local seafood may become one of this greatest experience.


Istria offers Croatia’s probably most advanced gastronomic scene. The Adriatic sea holds treasures with its fish and sea animals.


Fish and seafood is indeed an important part of the Croatian culinary world, particularly along the coast.

Whatever seafood you are having in Istria, it just came out of the water. Our restaurant offers you what the fishermen bring ashore that morning. Isn`t it amazing? Come and try!


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