Secrets of sea – revealed on our table





Everyone of us thought at least once in a lifetime  -  what is down there, deep in the sea? We know about animals of seaworld, sand, boats that will stay on the bottom forever, but what else we can find?



























With every drop of water that we drink, we are connected to the sea. No matter where we live on this world.  It is absolutely same about food, also. We are what we eat.


As everyone of us knows, our skin changes completely every 28 days. New layer of skin is made of what we ate during that time. A lots of food can be truly destructive for our body if they’re consumed daily. Junk food, white bread and suggar can be very bad for our metabolism, weight and generally the body. But there is one secret that was hidden under all comercials about food that we are seeing lately – perfect food does exist and will not do any harm to your body no matter how much you consume it. It is seafood! Carefully prepared, and often consumed can change your entire life. You will feel lighter, healthier, with much more energy and elan for whatever you want to do. Seafood contains healthy nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, iodine and vitamin D. These particular nutrients can be difficult to get enough of from other food items.  Seafood is a complete protein source. It is also very helpful in healing some health conditions such as psoriasis, diabetes, dementia, depression, etc.


A plenty of reasons to have seafood lunch immediately!



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