Restaurant Damir & Ornella serves only healthy meals directly to our visitors, only raw seafood!








The XXI century is a century of right way of life, of sport, of healthy food.































Healthy  food  is a philosophy of life. It includes some diet as a main part of that philosophy. Restaurant D&O says yes for healthy food ant suggests raw food.


Raw food very often use for proper nutrition. It is called raw food diet, which means to eat real food in their natural state. Raw food diet means no to eat only raw but also you can eat raw vegetables & fruits, seafood, etc.


Raw food diet is not only one, but there are different variations. Raw fish diet is one of that type. To help to keep fit with raw fish diet will help menu from restaurant Damir & Ornella with the different meals, made from high quality and fresh products.


Restaurant Damir & Ornella  knows about advantages of eating raw fish and raw food diet, and with a big pleasure share with you:


  • giving you more energy;
  • improving heart health;
  • lowering the amount of antinutrients and carcinogens in your diet;
  • helping you maintain a healthy body weight;


Keep in mind that advantages of raw fish diet and try to do it with restaurant Damir & Ornella!





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