Istrian people are masters in preparing seafood and they will offer you delicacies prepared according to different recipes with love!






Visit Istria and you will be able to experience the tradition of preparing fish and seafood during the many manifestations in Istrian towns that celebrate the sea and seafood!





























Fish festivals are a traditional gathering of local people where, along with entertainment and local wines, one can taste seafood specialities.


You must try the special delicacies as various soups, pastas and risottos with seafood as an appetizer or light main course, which are served with one of the Istrian wines. These specialities reveal the beauty of this magical peninsula.

Black risotto with cuttlefish is considered to be the true black pearl of the Adriatic, and it is prepared in such a way that along with the cuttlefish, olive oil, garlic and red wine, cuttlefish “ink” is added which gives the risotto a special flavour and an attractive appearance.


Scallops are considered by many as the best shellfish in the world!


Oysters are eaten raw and served on ice with just a few drops of lemon juice or wrapped in Istrian ham and made au gratin. They are believed to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.


In restaurant Damir & Ornella you will have an opportunity to experience the most original taste of raw fresh seafood that contains not only all the nutrients preserved but the taste of the Mediterranean sea soul as well!








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