The secret of Japanese knives




The use of the top quality Japanese knives is one more fact that distinguishes our restaurant and makes us unique. Why are they so good an what makes them so special, continue reading and find out!


























The main cutting blade of the finest knives are made of high carbon molybdenum vanadium steel with titanium coating affording the sharpest edge possible by the combination of steel and titanium. The outstanding edge of the titanium coated blade has been achieved by combining the best of advanced modern manufacturing technology therefore keeping a sharper edge longer than any other knife. The knives are then finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen. These knives are extremely sharp and remain so during repeated heavy use.


Titanium is corrosion proof in all environments, non-toxic, chemical and acid resistant and more abrasion resistant than steel hygienic, non-allergenic and totally odorless.


The choice of Japanese knives is also based on the fact that the chefs of our restaurants are led by the desire to do the best for our customers. In the kitchen everything should be perfect and the knives is the first thing that should be taken into account!


Although most of these great knives are not available in regular shops, they are used with pleasure in Damir and Ornella.Our chefs have chosen this kind of knives for reaching the best results in cooking. Japanese knives are perfect for cutting raw fish and other seafood and they help to cook our favourite “Mediterranean Sashimi” and other dishes!


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