Tradition and devotion combined with true Istrian spirit


For more than two decades the Palčić family, near Novigrad, has been directing all their passion and focus towards their vineyards and the art of winemaking.





























Leonardo Palčić inherited love and passion for wine from his father who first took vineyards in lease back in 1995. Few years later he started producing his own wine but illness prevented him from enjoying his wine-producing business as much as he wanted to. Although young and inexperienced, Leonardo decided to follow in his father's footsteps.


Many obstacles were standing in the way, but a lot of learning and big investments made sure that Leonardo now has more than 10ha of vineyards, part in permanent possession and part on lease. Plans for expanding the winery estate are also already set in motion, with new wine cellar and degustation hall to be opened soon.


Palčić winery offers high-quality bottled wine that will surely satisfy the senses of even the most demanding wine-lovers with unique tastes and aromas of fresh Malvasia, as well as aged Malvasia, and special Merlot which aged in traditional wooden barrels. Leonardo is most proud of the exceptional Giovanni sparkling wine, named after his grandfather who was also once in the wine growing business.


Attractive bottle design with recognizable upside-down triangle symbolizes four elements of wine – sweet, salty, sour and bitter, which always have to be in balance in order to get the best wine from the best grapes.



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