Traditional Istrian pasta




Did you know that the oldest known recipe for pasta was written in China in the year 2000 BCE? According to this recipe, pasta was made from wheat flour, eggs and water, and it was served with poultry.


























This fact is not very well known today, even though pasta is one of the most important symbols of Mediterranean cuisine – and thus of Istrian cuisine as well.


Peasant life in old Istria was most greatly marked by cuisine and dishes that have been prepared on the peninsula since ancient times. Of these original dishes, an important place has always been held by traditional Istrian pasta, which changed its form and name on the way from Italy to Istria. Made with white flour, a pinch of salt, a bit of water, and sometimes a home-raised egg, Istrian pasta was made then as it is today – with great skill and lots of love.


Pasutice, lasagna, fidelini, ravioli, macaroni and rigatoni are just some of the types of pasta made in Istria. However, the best known and most sought after in northwestern Istria are fuži, pljukanci and potato gnocchi.


In our restaurant, when we prepare pasta, we use special flour from Italy, which is ground on the stone and is not genetically modified. Visit us and try our homemade tagliatelle and gnocchi in combination with perfect, fresh seafood. Our pasta delicacies will seduce all your senses thanks to its amazing flavours and texture!


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