We bet you didn’t know these things about Istria and us!





Every place in this world is unique and has its own qualities and flaws. So as people. Isn’t it wonderful how different, but yet similar we are?



























You can nowhere find two absolutely same men on this planet, and that fact makes everything about life so interesting. In Istria, we like to follow one rule about lifestyle – everything you do, do with the calm heart. And you’ll always succeed. Maybe years of living here and these interesting facts shaped our mind very well!

Read below and have fun!


227 meters above sea level

Motovun is located 227 meters above sea level and boasts a sweeping view of fields of vineyards, which produce mouth-watering Malvasia and Teran wine. If you never tried those wines, you have to! Absolutely piece of heaven.


Japanese knives

Japan is one of the countries that we adore, so we bring a piece of it here with us. The chefs of “Damir and Ornella” have chosen this kind of knives for reaching the best results in cooking. We will always prepare fresh meals for you with this ‘’knife – perfection’’!


Home to the best olive oil in Croatia

Croatia is well-known for producing high-quality olive oil but it is Motovun which is home to two oil producers that are widely considered the best olive oil makers in the country. We use olive oil in our meals and it’s absolutely irresistible.


No menu

There is no menu in our restaurant. Your meal is based on how hungry you are. Very hungry – perfect! We will never miss a chance to give you the best experience in food and atmosphere ever.


The world’s largest truffle was found in Motovun

In 1999 the largest truffle ever to have been discovered was found in Motovun. Giancarlo Zigante found the giant truffle and still holds the world record for locating the largest white truffle ever. This is truly interesting, isn’t it?


Why we look so young and healthy?

If you visit us, you must notice one interesting thing which our guests say often  - that we look younger than we actually are and we are giving some kind of bright and joyful energy over here. It is considered that people here live slower and have a better quality of life. We think the reason is that we consume fish very often!

We hope that now you have plenty of reasons to visit us – to calm your spirit, eat high – quality food see the beauty and feel a bit of Istrian energy – it’s priceless!



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