Because of the taste characteristics, meat diet and of course value for health, seafood won a special place in restaurants. Cooks like to cook them, and guests eat with pleasure.











The most widely used fresh, just from the sea fish, shrimp, scallops, lobsters, crabs, mussels and oysters.





























A lobster is valuable for a lot of protein it contains. It surpasses other crustaceans in protein content. For comparison, the protein in the lobster is 18.8 g, in the crab - 16 g, in the oyster - 9 g. It is also appreciated for the content of essential amino acids, calcium, potassium, vitamins, phosphorus and iron. The high sodium content in the lobster has a beneficial effect on memory, normalizes blood pressure.


The value of oysters, is in an unusual chemical composition. Vitamins, minerals, fat and proteins are kept in such a proportion that they can fully satisfy the daily human need for nutrients. In oysters there is a large number of useful combinations of fatty acids, especially valuable is the omega-3 acid, which is responsible for the emotional state of a person.


Crabs very often appear in the restaurant menu. Who does not love them? Crab meat is considered to be one of the most valuable marine delicacies. It contains a lot of potassium, iron and calcium. Also in crab meat there are a lot of proteins and B vitamins.


A shrimp is a very versatile product. Without a pronounced taste, they are perfectly complemented with various sauces, they are good for salads, ideal for stuffing, tasty in soups. That's where the talent of the cook can be manifested! In addition, shrimps have a positive effect on the endocrine system, supply us with selenium and zinc, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It is an ideal product for dietary nutrition.


Scallops. How useful are these bivalve mollusks? They contain iodine, phosphorus, calcium and iron in a form in which the body absorbs them easily and in full. The same can be said about the protein of sea scallops. For women it is an excellent dietary product. The use of sea scallops for men is that they maintain potency, slowing down the age-related changes.


They are stewed, baked with vegetables, added to rice and pasta, soups and marinated.


In mussels, there is little cholesterol and many phospholipids, which have a beneficial effect on liver functioning. Mussels are well combined with all products - vegetables, dough, meat, chicken, fish and other seafood.


It is very delicious!

















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