In Damir& Ornella they serve the most delicious crabs in the world!





Yummy crabs in Damir& Ornella



Delicious, abundant and caught by local boats using sustainable techniques, surely the crab is a gift from the maritime gods!





























They look like some Samurai warrior, resplendent in bright red armour, with a fearsome headdress of protrusions and outcrops from beneath which peer two bright eyes.

They move on long legs, forsaking strength for their magnificent armour.


Any raw food diet especially raw seafood is the best you can do for your health. It can clear up headaches and allergies, boost immunity and memory, and improve arthritis and diabetes.


There’s much more to this creature than meets the eye. Itis one of the best possible dietary sources of protein available. It contains almost as much protein per 100 grams as meats without anywhere near the same levels of saturated fat, which is linked to an increased risk of heart disease.


The protein in crab is of high quality and, because of a lack of connective tissue, very digestible for people of all ages.

Have an adventure with your family and try the crabs caught right from the sea, accompanied by a bottle of wine. You’ll be eating some of the finest food in the world and of course your meal will bring your health as much benefit as you even don`t suspect!




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