Our small, cozy restaurant is located in the old town of Novigrad - Cittanova. Born in the late 90's the restaurant follows a cooking philosophy by wich the quality of the raw material is at the top

Our dishes are meeting places for quality and elegance, which blends the tradition of freshly caught fish with the art of preparing by filleting.  Being a restaurant with only six tables dedication to our.customers and to the kitchen are of the highest quality.

"From sea to plate" is the motto by which we create precious dining experiences for our customers. Being based on freshness and quality the fish is served so that you can enjoy it's best and that is raw-crude, as we like to call it "Mediterranean Sashimi".

Raw material of high quality, simple and authentic cuisine is what the philosophy of our restaurant is built on. The enhanced quality of raw fish with the preparation and presentation of filetting to our customers is what distinguishes our restaurant and makes us unique..

ADRESS: Zidine 5, 52466 NOVIGRAD

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Cittanova d.o.o

CITTANOVA društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za trgovinu, usluge i turistička agencija

CITTANOVA d. o. o.

Zidine 5, 52466 NOVIGRAD (CITTANOVA)

OIB: 72646083590

Tel:  +38552758134

Email:  [email protected]

Web: damir-ornella.com

Matični broj: 00214485

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