You just have to taste Belic olive oil combined with fresh fish in “Damir & Ornella”!


Belic olive oil combined with fresh fish




Our Chefs in “Damir & Ornella” use Belic extra virgin olive oil for the seafood we serve and this choice is well-warranted by a number of facts.


Belic Family are one of the best olive oil producers in Istria. They produce 11 different extra virgin olive oils under the brand Oleum Viride.


The Belic selection combine six different single sorts; the oil is of magnificent green colour, with a scent and taste of green olive fruit, vanilla and chicory, and of aromatic herbs. It is moderately bitter and piquant.


Olive oil is widely used as a salad oil and for cooking. It is regularly classified and awarded top marks in tastings around the world.


It combines splendidly with veal and lamb, as well as asparagus, with eggs and prosciutto, raw and grilled fish and vegetables, cuttlefish risotto, octopus salad and grilled salmon.


Extra virgin olive oil is a healthier choice of cooking fish. It naturally pure and the selection of the cooking oil is of paramount importance due to its impact on the products.


Using olive oil you not only make your dish safe and healthy but it helps to save the natural taste of the products as well. Fish prepared in olive oil always preserves its best qualities.


Our chefs in “Damir & Ornella” use Belic extra virgin olive oil in order to save the best taste and aroma of raw seafood for our customers. It is very important to us to be sure in the quality of the products we cook and we can 100% count on the olive oil we choose.


Fresh raw seafood served in “Damir & Ornella” seasoned with salt and pepper and enchanted by Belic olive oil is the best choice for fabulous meal for even the most capricious seafood lovers.




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