Celebrate the holiday season with a rich and festive fish and seafood feast!






It’s a coming together, a moment in time celebrated annually with people you love, and that specific brand of joy is mirrored in the meal. Each course is vibrant, full of life, a spectacle.


Here are seven fish and seafood dishes worthy of a special occasion:


1. Mussels

Serve bowls of mussels with a flavorful, fragrant broth, like one with tomato sauce and sausage or ginger and lemongrass.


2. Lobster

Lobster has a place on the holiday table. Serve it with a crisp fennel salad as a starter. Or make something unexpected, like a spicy ketchup sauce.


3. Shrimp

Splurge on domestic wild shrimp and poach them in vermouth. Serve them with a ginger remoulade sauce as a riff on shrimp cocktail.


4. Oysters

For a light, bright starter, pickle oysters with lemon juice and Champagne vinegar and serve in a salad. Or go the old-school route and bake them with a crisp bread crumb topping.


5. Scallops

These luscious morsels are the perfect ingredients if you’re looking for something that cooks fast. Serve them with a luxurious butter sauce or a simple salted yogurt.


6. Stew

If you want to cram several types of fish and seafood into one dish, a stew is your best bet. You can use it with a tomato-y broth and tons of shellfish; or with white fish, mussels and the simplest lemon broth; or with tomatoes, olives and ham.


7. Fish

Pack one or two whole fish in a salt crust and bake. Bring to the table and crack the crust to reveal the fish inside.



This holiday season, feast. Feast with family and friends. Mark time, make note, take a moment with those around you to recognize and celebrate the year as it draws to a close.







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