Everyone wants to know where their food comes from. Especially, it's due to fish



Fish from the sea to the table


Fish from sea to the table is a new fashion trick of many sea restaurants!


The scheme is easy, from the one hand. Restaurant is collaborate with  local fishermen  & abroad and chefs get freshest seafood directly. Fishermen are bringing the story. This chain must be directly without brokes.


In this case, real relationships between the fishermen catching the fish and the chefs serving it is so matter. Sounds simple?


In reality, there two models: traditional distribution model and  new modern distribution model - from Sea to Table. Both fishermen and chefs loved  the new modern distribution model.


Traditional distribution chain for seafood is very long-term &  has a complex process. and therefore the final product can be not so fresh and will be very expensive for costumer. 99.9% of the industry works in this model &  a fisherman sells to the dock where he lands his fish.  After, from the dock to the wholesale mark fish has a long way. Then it sold & sold agin. Then fish move to  distributor.


In special place  fish must gets processed into fillets. Then fish is packed and delivered  to chefs or retailers.


The new chain has a lot of benefit. The most important  that  story of  where fish came from has been saved.  The next benefit  is that you have  knowledge   about  connection where, who and how catching it.


In restaurant „Damir&Ornella“ we serve fresh and row fish with delightful taste and  aroma!










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