The affluence of the Istrian Peninsula is based on olive oil production a tradition that is over two thousand years old !






As a symbol of the the Mediterranean, olive oil has always been much more than an ordinary food ingredient. Olive oil production in Istria has a long manufacturing tradition which is run by autonomous olive makers.


In fact, at the international exhibitions, Istrian olive oils are often awarded as being one of the best oils in the entire world. Therefore, if you're on holiday in Istria, take a tour of the Olive Oil roads and learn all the details concerning Istrian oil makers, olive growers, cellars and small taverns.


The olive has always been greatly valued in the world. This plant, whose twigs symbolize peace, has been part of Istrian tradition and culture for centuries, and olive oil and its by-products have fans all around the world for its quality, its wonderful aroma and its soothing effects on human health.


Olive oil has a bitter taste, great flavor and serves as a perfect ingredient for the best dishes. It is the most valuable fat in the human diet, and provides body care products, and medication for various ailments, which is why, according to many, it is an elixir of life, liquid gold.


The affluence of the Istrian Peninsula is based on olive oil production a tradition that is over two thousand years old.  The fruit of the olive tree, the stone gives some of the healthiest drops of oil.


Among the healthiest oils are extra virgin olive oils, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and carotene.


Of the numerous varieties of olives, buza, Istrian bjelica, morazola, and pendolino, grow best in the area around Poreč.


Greek mythology tells us us the olive tree was created when in a contest against Poseidon king of the sea, Athena cast a drop of water on a cliff and immediately an olive tree grew. Throughout the past centuries Istria has been determined by the Olive tree.


Historic manuscripts related to the Istrian Peninsula date back to ancient Greeks and Romans to this very tree and to olive oil respectively.


Olive oil produced in Istria was considered then as the most exquisite will of the empire which all other existing sorts were compared to.



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