Istrian Truffles are ones of the most highly appraised truffle species in the world!


Istrian truffles




The heart shaped Istrian Peninsula consists of two types of soil texture, intensely red in the coastal area, and a gray type clay in the central area.  It is in this gray clay like textured soil where the Istrian truffle grows. The epicenter being the damp Motovun forest perpetually dampened by the Mirna River.


The white Istrian Truffle is one of the most highly appraised truffle species in the world.


Istria is also home to the Guinness world record for the largest truffle, Giancarlo Zigante found a 1.310 kilogram heavy white truffle in the Motovun forest.


To celebrate the valued truffle and its place in gourmet cuisine the Istrian government established the real truffle tartufo vero label of excellence that is awarded to the selected restaurant in Istria for preparing the truffle to its highest gourmet standards.


From ancient times to present time, there weren't exactly information how truffles growth and how many types exist in the world. But what it has been known truffle is the most delicious mushroom in the world.


By antiquity at the majestic time of Ancient Greece and Rome, people knew about truffle. For example, Romans enjoyed by their taste. Others people considered these one like a witches & devil food because of characteristic smell. Basically, all of them believed in impossibility to grow up mushroom artifically.


But that can do French after many centuries later. In XIX century, it artificially removed the black truffle and planted truffle forests aroun the all France. Since that time, "diamonds" has been appeared  on the tables of ordinary French. Unfortunately, it has no lond way. European truffle was destroyed  by First World War.


Nevertheless of that sad fact, we can luxuriate by the gorgeous taste and aroma of truffle.


Even history argued, why truffle drives crazy all the world. It's because "diamonds" can transform to phoenix bird even an ordinary dove.



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