Gourmets are unanimous that the meat of the Kvarner Shrimp is by far the most delicious and delicate among Adriatic seafood!


Kvarner shrimps




Even if the famous Kvarner shrimp was the only thing Kvarner gave to Mediterranean gastro culture, it would be enough for its place atop the gastronomic map of the world.


The area of Kvarner is a true paradise for navigators, with opportunity to discover not only the hidden bays with virgin beaches, but also small family-run hotels, wine cellars and restaurants, offering local, seasonal specialties and, for some folk, almost forgotten dishes. These are the places where you can experience the Adriatic coast as it once was and as many would like to see it today. This is especially true when talking about the gastronomy, where the folk cuisine is facing more demand and value.


Kvarner shrimps are distinguishable by their light red color and thin shell.


Everybody seems to agree with the claim that the most delicious shrimps in the world come from the "blue" mud of Kvarner bay.


It is often said that Kvarner shrimps are the result of accidental crossbreeding of indigenous shrimps with those that were brought to the harbor of Rijeka from the South China Sea stuck to the hulls of British warships.


Although there are many "old fish stories" as to the origin of these prize shrimps, it is most plausible the current Kvarner shrimp were brought from Norway and artificially colonized in the Adriatic as concluded by a thirty year old study, and due to the warmer and shallower sea their armor became thinner and meat more pliable and flavorful.


In restaurant  "Damir & Ornella " , Kvarner shrimps are exclusively  prepared in a traditional way,  fresh and raw with olive oil spiced with salt. As a cold appetizer raw and marinated in a couple of drops of olive oil with toast. They are served with melon as hot appetizer. They are also served with risotto and Istrian homemade pasta.


Kvarner shrimps is one of the most famous Adriatic seafood dishes.


Kvarner shrimp is one of the most favourite food of gourmands from all over the world.  This is considered the most appreciated dish of the Kvarner coast almost mythical in some areas.




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