Istrian cuisine will enchant you with its variety and balance!









Food in Istria is truly gorgeous and one of the main reasons why every visit to this region is so special and why many people come always back!































When you are in Istria you must try some of the fish dishes and seafood. Take your chance to eat fresh and delicious fish. True gourmets consider the pilgrim scallop of Novigrad, or kapešante as it is called locally, to be one of the tastiest shellfish in the world, because it grows in the Novigrad marine area where salty seawater mixes with fresh river water and the nature give people its best.


You will also experience the Mediterranean side of Istrian cuisine; at other times, its continental side. Adapting readily to the seasons of the year, it always uses the best olive oils and a variety of excellent wines.

Istria’s wine roads lead to the very heart of the Istrian way of life, which has cultivated a special link with wines and vines since long time ago.


Truffles are a culinary supplement that inspires many gourmets. Combined with food truffles give a special and intense flavor which makes every meal unforgettable. Also all products with truffles, like cheese or oil, are incredible tasty and leave the guests breathless.


No matter what time of year you visit Istria, you will find Istrian food and gastronomy to be equally strong, passionate and intense. In restaurant Damir & Ornella you can treat your senses with tastes and smells of the Mediterranean and enjoy the the extraordinary Croatian food prepared just for you!














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