We  are giving you some  advice  for  perfect  pairing  seafood dishes with drinks!




What drink to choose for the seafood?




Good taste pairing - the main indicator for selecting the drink to any dish.


Raw fish has been popular in European cuisine for a long time. The seafood is preferred by many people. An integral part of the holiday table – good drinks. What better to serve with fish dishes, to emphasize the delicate flavor of fish?


Previously it was recommended to apply to fish only white wine. Now this view is not followed so strictly, and wine can be changed by beer, and red wine, and champagne. It depends on the type of fish as marine and freshwater fish, seafood differ from each other in flavor intensity. The main thing - to choose the right fish to a drink that will not drown out the taste of fish, but on the contrary, it will be beneficial to emphasize.


With fish cold appetizers (salmon, sprat, red and black caviar) brandy can also be served.


For appetizers of crab or crayfish, as well as dried fish beer is perfect.


For mussels, oysters, shrimp white wines are suitable with a mild flavor and semi-dry champagne.


Strong wines such as port, Madeira, sherry are recommended for saltwater fish such as salmon, herring, keta.


For marine fish like carp, mackerel, cod it is perfect to serve dry or semi-dry white wine.


For freshwater fish it is encouraged to apply semi-sweet white, rose or red wine - it is advantageous set off its delicate and mild flavor.


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